Hans Solo - Max

On April 24, 2015, our girl Millie gave birth to her first litter.  To our surprise, Millie had a singleton litter.  Her one and only puppy - Hans Solo - was born in the early hours of the morning by a c-section.  With a lot of extra care and love by those of us here at Messy Hair Kennels, Hans Solo grew strong.  It was with great delight that we were able to place Hans Solo with our cousin, Dyan, and her husband, Ray.  The little guy now named Max is doing extremely well.  He spends his days with his sister Kara, a Border Collie.  He also enjoys long walks and playing fetch.
We here at Messy Hair Kennels would like to announce that Millie had her puppy on Friday, April 24th by a cesarean.  Mom is recovering well, and her baby boy, Hans Solo, is also thriving.  We really love watching the two interact together in the whelping box.