Agility Trial Photos 2018

Audrey, Dalia and Millie have been hard at work teaching their owners how to run agility courses.  So far so good.  The girls have entered four trials to date and are looking forward to doing more.  Dalia and Audrey like anything else we have done with them, have emerged as rock stars.  Dalia has earned one agility title and is working on her second, while Audrey has earned two titles to date.  We look forward to competing in a few more agility shows before the end of the year.  Millie is hilarious to watch at shows.  Although she knows what to do, she seems to think the agility trial is the place to look like she doesn't.  Oh well - as long as she is having fun that is all that matter. 

Dalia and Lupin's Bells of the Ball

2016 Photo Overview

It has been a wonderful year here at Messy Hair Kennels.  There have been so many great memories and I just realized I have not been keeping up on adding photos to this website.  So here are some of the photos that made our year. From the birth of Litter A, to all the confirmation show, the annual Schapendoes specialty, the fall walk, and of course our holiday fun pictures, we have been so blessed.  We are looking forward to 2017 and all the fun and excitement it has in store. 

Week 4 Photos of the Puppies

The little puppies have been growing like weeds.  We have been having great fun with them allowing them to explore new areas.  The puppies especially love playing in the backyard.  We just can't spend enough time with them. 

Week 3 photos of Litter A

The little ones have grown so much.  Here are some of the pictures we have taken of the little puppies over the last week. 

More Photos of our A Litter

Well the little puppies are now an unbelievable 3 weeks old.  It is hard to believe how fast they have grown.  We have started to feed them food outside of what their mother offers.  So far they seem to like it and are eating well.  They are also taking small adventures outside of the whelping box.  They really wander and explore the room we have placed them in.  As they continue to develop their walking skills we will be allowing them more and more time out of their whelping box.  More photos and updates to follow. 

Messy Hair "A" Litter

We are so excited to announce the birth of "A" litter.  On May 3rd Millie gave birth to five beautiful and healthy puppies, 3 girls and 2 boys.  Until they leave for their forever homes, we have temporarily named them Annie, Audrey, Avery, Austin and Aiden.  We are looking forward to the many weeks we will have them in our home. 

Max's Visit November 2015

It is hard to believe that Max, Millie's solo puppy is now 7 months old.  Lucky for us Max's forever home is with our cousin.  So he came for a visit and we had a lot of fun.  Dalia really enjoyed having a playmate who is almost the same age as her here.  Here are some of the pictures we took of the two playing in the yard and the house. 

Schapendoes Fall Walk 2015

Well here at Messy Hair Kennels we like to support all Schapendoes functions.  We were so pleased to be invited to attend Schapannro's Annual Fall Schapendoes Walk.  My daughters had a great time with Millie and Dalia.  I wished I could have gone, but they took some great photos.  What a great experience to have so many Schapendoes and their owners together.  We are looking forward to the winter walk.  Let's hope for good weather so we can attend. 

Halloween 2015

Well here at Messy Hair Kennels even our little furry friends like to dress up for the holidays.  What great fun it was to have them in costumes.

The Canadian Pet Expo 2015

All of us here at Messy Hair Kennels were thrilled to be apart of the Canadian Pet Expo.  We would especially like to thank Rob and Anne Harvey from Schapannro Kennels for organizing and helping manage the booth with us this weekend.  We had a great time meeting other breeders, talking to many interesting people, looking at other exciting vendors and displays, and especially seeing all the dogs at the show.  We had a great time - and even learned some new things - and we are now all awaiting the next Pet Expo. 

Introducing our newest member: Dalia

We have been discussing for some time here at Messy Hair Kennels about expanding our home, and our hearts, to a new little girl.  After Millie only had a singleton litter back in April, and her puppy being a male, we began to look for a girl.  We were quite thrilled to find a breeder in Slovenia who happened to have a female puppy for sale.  Dalia was one of two girls in a litter of six.  Once a deal was made to obtain the dog from her, my daughter Amanda began to prepare to take a trip of a lifetime.  She flew to Slovenia, where Mateja and her family from My Bears Kennel, picked her up and brought her to their home.  We here are grateful for all of Mateja's hospitality and help over this entire adventure.  We are happy to report that Dalia has adjusted well and is loving her new Canadian home.  We are looking forward to beginning her training and getting her ready to be put into shows, but right now we are allowing her to enjoy being a 14 week old puppy. 

St. Patrick's Day Fun!

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