2019 in Photos

It has definitely been a year full of joy and tears. We welcomed eight new Schapendoes puppies into the world, and imported two more. We lost our mother/grandmother. We went to many shows where Nora earned her UKC Championship title, her CKC Championship title and her Canine Good Neighbour title. Hazel earned her UKC Championship title and her Canine Good Neighbour title. We visited with friends in Quebec a few times. Participated in a herding instinct trial. Held an information booth at two seperate events. Built wonderful friendships with new people near and far.

So as the year winds down, we want to wish all our friends and family a very Happy New Year! May 2020 be filled with laughs, joyful moments, and happiness. And here is to making many more memories with our Schapendoes, family and friends.

Agility Trial Photos 2018

Audrey, Dalia and Millie have been hard at work teaching their owners how to run agility courses.  So far so good.  The girls have entered four trials to date and are looking forward to doing more.  Dalia and Audrey like anything else we have done with them, have emerged as rock stars.  Dalia has earned one agility title and is working on her second, while Audrey has earned two titles to date.  We look forward to competing in a few more agility shows before the end of the year.  Millie is hilarious to watch at shows.  Although she knows what to do, she seems to think the agility trial is the place to look like she doesn't.  Oh well - as long as she is having fun that is all that matter. 

Dalia and Lupin's Bells of the Ball

2016 Photo Overview

It has been a wonderful year here at Messy Hair Kennels.  There have been so many great memories and I just realized I have not been keeping up on adding photos to this website.  So here are some of the photos that made our year. From the birth of Litter A, to all the confirmation show, the annual Schapendoes specialty, the fall walk, and of course our holiday fun pictures, we have been so blessed.  We are looking forward to 2017 and all the fun and excitement it has in store. 

Week 4 Photos of the Puppies

The little puppies have been growing like weeds.  We have been having great fun with them allowing them to explore new areas.  The puppies especially love playing in the backyard.  We just can't spend enough time with them. 

Week 3 photos of Litter A

More Photos of our A Litter

Messy Hair "A" Litter

Max's Visit November 2015

Schapendoes Fall Walk 2015

Halloween 2015

The Canadian Pet Expo 2015

Introducing our newest member: Dalia

St. Patrick's Day Fun!

Our Dogs