Common Schapendoes Questions

The Schapendoes of Messy Hair Kennels

Breed Development

              The Schapendoes breed can be traced back to the 1800's.  All over pastures found in the Netherlands where flocks of sheep roamed, Schapendoes were there working tirelessly and joyously for their owners. They were well known for their endurance, intelligence and low maintenance.  The breed began to decline after the introduction of Border Collies from England to handle the herding duties.  By the first World War, the Schapendoes were rarely seen.

               However, the breed had a dear friend, P.M.C. Toepoel, a Dutch inspector, publicist and canine authority who wanted the native Netherlands breed to survive.  He is often referred to as the founder of the Schapendoes breed.  He began restoring the breed with help during the Second World War.  With success, the breed began to increase.

               The Dutch breed club, the Vereniging De Nederlandse Schapendoes, was formed in 1947, and the Schapendoes first appeared in dog shows that same decade.  The breed standard was developed in 1954.   By 1971,  the breed was granted its official recognition to become the wonderful Schapendoes of today. 
What is the average height/weight of the Schapendoes?

               The average height for a female Schapendoes is 16-18 inches and the males are between 17-19 inches.  The average Schapendoes weighs between 30-40 pounds.  Some dogs may be lighter or heavier depending on its size. 
What is the temperament of the Schapendoes?

               The Schapendoes is a charming, lively and sociable dog.  The breed is equipped with great endurance, mobility, and speed.  The breed is also quite intelligent and obtain the initiative to act on their own (a great skill for herders watching their flock).  They are true herding dogs through their character, body and souls.  Schapendoes are eager to learn as they are highly intelligent, but require a firm and fair manner if they are not to get the better of their owners.  They are an excellent companion for children due to their social abilities, happy demeanor and ready to play attitude, as tireless as they are nice.  They are also able to get along well with other animals. 
How much exercise does the Schapendoes require?

               All Schapendoes enjoy walking, hiking, or playing in the backyard.  Young dogs require approximately 1-2 hours of good play a day to keep them happy.  They are a quiet breed as long as they are exercised daily. 
What are training requirements of the Schapendoes?

               The Schapendoes are an intelligent and active herding breed, so they do appreciate being mentally and physically challenged.  They fit in well to the modern urban lifestyle, provided that they are regularly exercised.  Early socialization, as with all breeds, is important for the Schapendoes. 
What are the grooming requirements of the Schapendoes? 
                For an adult Schapendoes, a good weekly brushing is required as needed to maintain their long hair.  The most crucial time is between the puppy coat phase to the adult one.  It is important at this time to regularly check your puppy's coat to ensure that no mats form. 

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