Messy Hair's A Litter

Messy Hair's A Litter was the second litter of puppies from our girl Millie.  Millie and Lewis produced a litter of 5 puppies - 3 beautiful girls and 2 handsome boys.  The girls named Audrey, Avery, and Annie and the boys named Austin and Aiden at birth have grown and developed into wonderful little guys.  The litter was born on May 3, 2016.  All the puppies were born healthy and quickly found a place in our hearts.  As the weeks progressed we opened our home to their future families and to our families to help socialize the little ones.  They quickly grew to be handfuls - Aiden teaching the others to climb out of the whelping box, to digging holes in the garden, and even finding the ants nests in the backyard.  But they also gave us a great deal of love and it was hard to let them go.  Aiden, who is now called Bruce moved to Montreal, Quebec to be with his forever family.  He is quite happy there and loves his new parents and all his new friends.  Annie went to live in Bolton, Ontario with a great family who has been having a great time bonding with her.  Little Avery, now called Tessa, went to a home in Guelph Ontario where she has an older sister to show her the ropes around the house as well as a younger human sister too.  Austin went to a fantastic home in Toronto, Ontario where he has an older sister to show him the ropes.  And of course little Audrey stayed with us and we are looking forward to having her on the road with us at future shows and events.  We wish all the best to the other puppies and their families and hope to receive many photos in the years to come updating us on how the little ones are doing. 
The puppies have finally arrived!  On May 3, early in the morning Millie gave birth to her five puppies.  She is the proud mom of 3 girls and 2 boys.  We are so happy to be able to help nurture and care for these little guys over the next few weeks before they move to their forever homes. 
Well it is now official...Millie is pregnant once again.  We are very excited and cannot wait for the puppies to arrive in early May of 2016.  We will keep everyone update with her progress. 
Well it has definitely been a busy year here at Messy Hair Kennels.  We are looking forward to breeding our little girl Millie in the Spring/Summer of 2016.  More information to follow as all the details emerge.