Looking for a puppy is a BIG DECISION. The addition of a dog to any family is a long term commitment. Emotional attachments happen very quickly, so you want to make the right choice from the start.

Please consider these major issues before taking on a puppy:

·  Compromises in your lifestyle – you may have to change some of your social activities in order to fit in your new companion.  All puppies require a good deal of time in the beginning for training and socialization.  This may mean that some of your regular routine will need to be adapted in order to fit in your new friend.

·  Expense – even small dogs aren’t cheap! You may have to spend money around the house and garden before you get the puppy to make it dog friendly and escape proof. As well as being able to cover the initial purchase price and accessories for your puppy, you also need to keep in mind a budget for the cost of keeping them, including feeding, treats, insurance, and regular health care (vaccinations, worming, vet bills, etc.).

·  Time – you need to commit time, not just to exercise the puppy, but to train, groom, play and interact with the puppy both day and evening. If you are out all day you need to consider arrangements for the puppy to be checked on, let out and played with periodically while you are away.  Puppies need to be fed at least 3 times in a day.  So it is important that someone can be around to help the growing needs of the puppy. 

·  Environment – your home needs to be suitable in size and location for the type of breed you are interested in. It helps if you have somewhere within easy reach to your home where your puppy can enjoy some play and exercise. 

·  Family – everyone in the family should be dedicated on acquiring the puppy or it may be a source of conflict and resentment. The breed should be suitable for all members of the family to interact with.

·  Timing – while coping with other emotional and/or physical upheavals (house move, marriage, baby or large family celebrations – Christmas), it may be better to wait until you can offer a more settled environment and routine before bringing home a puppy. 

Puppy Questionnaire If you are interested in getting a Schapendoes puppy, please take the time to fill out the following questionnaire. This questionnaire will help us find the best puppy for your home. Thank you for your interest in Messy Hair Kennels. 19.2 KB