"I Love Lucy" Litter 2022

Puppy Updates

It has been a bitter sweet weekend. Some of the I Love Lucy puppies have left the nest. Fred was the first to leave on Friday. He will be living in Toronto with his new family. Then it was a busy day on Saturday with three puppies all flying out to Alberta. Ricky's flight left first. We met his grandma at the airport who was going to bring him to his new family where he will now be called Winston. Then Ralph and Ethel both left in flights behind him. Ralph met his daddy at the airport who was then bringing him to the rest of his family. He will be keeping his name as it belonged to one of his great grandfathers (on his new family's side). Ethel's mommy's plane was delayed so we got inline and started the process of waiting in the long line for her as her plane landed and she met us in the check in line. Everything worked out and she was thrilled to finally get to see her baby girl. We joked with the attendants that she was bringing home her new daughter. We received news from all families that the puppies were amazing in the plane and so far are doing great at their new homes. Then yesterday, little Lucy left with her family heading for Quebec. Today the remaining two boys are a little unsettled as they don't understand where their siblings are, but our crew has welcomed them in. Theo leaves tomorrow and will be heading to the states to join his brother Quincy (Dalia and Merlot puppy). Quincy has been wanting a puppy brother for a while now. I am sure he can't wait for tomorrow. Lastly there is little Ben, who will be Leo. He is going to stay with us for two extra weeks while his mommy and daddy are on vacation. Which is fine by us as we now have visitors staying with us too. The puppies are loving having some kids to play with. The house is getting empty, but we know that the little ones have all left to amazing homes and will have a fantastic life ahead of them.

We would like to introduce you to the puppies from our I Love Lucy Litter. May we introduce Theodore Mooney (Blue), Fred Mertz (Green), Ricky Ricardo (Red), Ralph Ramsey (Orange), Ethel Mertz (Pink), Ben Benjamin (Yellow) and Lucy Ricardo (Purple). Mom and all the pups are doing well. Hazel loves to be close by and is keeping her eyes on them.

They have Arrived!!!

We are very pleased to announce that Dundee and Hazel's litter, I Love Lucy, was born yesterday, April 25, 2022. Mamma Hazel delivered eight little puppies, five little boys and three little girls. Sadly, one little girl was born an angel. Hazel and her seven puppies are all doing well. They have all gained in the last 24 hours and mom is doing her best raising and caring for them.

Puppies Arriving Soon