Dalia and Lupin's Little Princesses

Dalia and Lupin welcomes five little Princesses into the world on Sunday, November 5th, 2017.  The girls were all beautiful ranging in a black grey or black and white combination.  We named them Ariel, Elsa, Jasmine, Sophia, and Belle - after famous Disney Princess.  In the first two weeks the girls grew, they opened their eyes and there were beginning to crawl around.  However, one little princess began to fall behind.  Even with all our best efforts and support, Elsa passed away on November 27th.  The remaining four princesses however continued to flourish and grow,  Their personalities soon began to emerge and we watched with pride as they developed into smart young puppies.  They especially loved exploring in the cold snow.  They loved staying outside even when it was way too cold to be outside.  The princesses all developed friendships with our older dogs and enjoyed playing in the yard with Storm, Boss, Audrey and Millie.  The Princesses even helped to count down to Christmas and the New Year.  However, their time with us ended and they all went to their forever homes.  Some close - some very far away.  We have been very fortunate that their new families like to keep up in the loop.  They are all becoming such lovely dogs.  We are so proud of all of them.

Puppy Announcement

The puppies have arrived!  GCH SCHAP OVCJI KODER MY BEAR DALIA CGN (Dalia) and SANSSOUCI'S SPECIAL EDITION (Lupin) litter was born early Sunday, November 5th.  Dalia gave birth to five beautiful baby girls.  Mom and babies are doing great. 

It is with very glad hearts that we announce GCH SCHAP OVCJI KODER MY BEAR DALIA CGN (Dalia) and SANSSOUCI'S SPECIAL EDITION (Lupin) are expecting a litter between November 6-8. 

Love is in the air!  As the summer months are coming to an end, love seems to be blooming in the air.  Dalia and Lupin have been getting closer after meeting earlier this summer.  It would seem that the two of them know something we don't know.  More to announce later as things develop.