My daughters and I fell in love with the Schapendoes breed back in 2002 when we met them at the "All about Pet Show" held at the International Center in Malton, Ontario.  We were not looking at the time for a new dog, but after meeting the very friendly, energetic bunch of Schapendoes, we could not resist getting one.  In 2003, we welcomed our first Schapendoes - 'Mugsy' - into our home.  He was born from one of the first official Canadian bred litters. 

               We continue to go to the "All About Pet Show" where we have developed a relationship with the breeders of Schapendoes here in Ontario and Quebec.  It was after the passing of Mugsy in 2010, that we decided that we would like to breed and show Schapendoes ourselves.  We welcomed Quigley (which means "messy hair") into our home in 2010, then brought Millie home in 2011.  

               Over the last few years we have been taking Millie to both the Canadian and United Kennel Club confirmation events.  She placed second for female Schapendoes in 2012 with the United Kennel Club, then she placed first for female Schapendoes in 2013 with the United Kennel Club.  Millie has been a United Kennel Club Champion since 2013. 

              In September 2015 we made the decision to expand our household.  My daughter Amanda traveled to Zalec, Solvenia where she picked up a beautiful little girl named UKC CH / CKC CH SCHAP OVCJI KODER MY BEAR Dalia CGN SPOT - aka Dalia.  After a long flight back to Canada snuggled in Amanda's arms, Dalia joined the crew.  Over the next few months we worked on her obedience and began preparing her for the show ring.  In early March 2016, Dalia entered her first confirmation show.  We still had a lot to learn, and we kept training and practicing.  By the Schapendoes Booster in July of 2016, Dalia was just starting to really shine in the show ring.  She won Best of Breed in one show, and Best of Opposite in another.  She was beginning to become a shining star. By August 2016 for the annual Schapendoes Specialty, Dalia won the Sweepstakes competition, and then she won Best of Winners.  We are so proud of our little girl.  Over the course of the 2016 confirmation show season, Dalia became a champion in both the Canadian Kennel Club and the United Kennel Club.  She also received two obedience titles - the Canadian Good Neighbour title in the CKC and the Socialed Pet Obedience Test title in the UKC.  We are looking forward to having another great season with Dalia and hoping to start her training and debut in the agility, obedience and rally events. 

              In May of 2016, we welcomed a beautiful litter of five puppies from CH Schapannro's G Millie and BIS GCHEX / CFC ELITE CH / UKC CH STONEPILLAR'S ALOYSIUS CGN RA CRNMCL aka -Lewis.  There were three girls and two boys.  As the litter grew we fell more in love with one of the little girls.  She kept melting our hearts as if she knew our home could hold just one more.  After a long discussion - we decided to keep her and welcomed MessyHair's Audrey Hepburn into the pack.  It has been an amazing journey watching Audrey grow and develop over the last few years.  Audrey attended the annual Schapendoes Specialty in 2016 and won Best Baby Puppy in breed.  When Audrey was finally old enough to compete in the CKC  during the fall of 2016 as a junior puppy, she won her first championship point.  Since then Audrey has won a Championship title in both the UKC and CKC, along with earning two agility titles.  We are so proud of all our girls and their achievements both inside the ring and out. 

               We believe Schapendoes are a great family dog.  They are adaptable and capable of being trained in all areas, but love agility, herding, and rallying courses.  They are a very loving breed, who serve to please their owners.  They have inquisitive personalities, are loyal and sometimes downright goofy.  Our three Schapendoes get along very well with our other dogs - a Standard Poodle, and a Puli.  They enjoy going for a long walk, playing in the back yard, or sitting with us watching television - regardless of the activity, our Schapendoes are glad to be with us. 

               We are breeding Schapendoes to encourage the growth of this breed, and provide the opportunity for others to experience a unique, beautiful, and low maintenance family dog.  Our dogs are selected from Canadian and European Championship lines.  All our dogs are OFA hips / elbows / heart and CAER (eye) tested.  However, our dogs are family first.  We raise our puppies lovingly to be companions, confirmation, or performance dogs.  We have all the puppies temperament and structurally tested, provide a health guarantee, unlimited support to our puppies' families, have them vet checked, micro-chipped, vaccinated and crate trained before leaving for their approved forever homes at nine weeks of age. 

             We are proud members of the Canadian Kennel Club, the United Kennel Club, and the Schapendoes Club of Canada.  We work diligently with these organizations and participate in as many events as we can.  Amanda has even become the recent Treasurer of the Schapendoes Club of Canada in 2016.